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  • Protect your business from the email avalanche

    What you need to know about archiving so your business doesn’t get buried.

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  • Archiving technologies

    Email management, compliance, stubbing and journaling. Email archiving is no longer considered a luxury for organizations. The key to successful implementation is choosing email archiving technology that meets your company's needs.

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  • Importance of email archiving

    Multiple methods. This white paper examines the different ways to deploy and manage email archive solutions in an organization. It also identifies key requirements that any full-featured email archiving system should include.

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  • Email archiving

    Email is the lifeblood of most businesses. The BlackBerry® back-up system failure in 2011, which crippled millions of smartphones, is a reminder that easy storage and retrieval of company email is crucial in today's world.

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  • Don’t worry, be happy

    Research suggests that a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Read our report on the importance of happiness in the workplace and learn how the MailInsights reporting tools provide employers with a positive and valuable guide to understanding their workforce and improving their business.

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  • Spielen Sie nach den Regeln? Compliance-Vorgaben kennen und einhalten.

    Message-Management-Lösungen zur Einhaltung von Compliance-Vorgaben. Informieren Sie sich, wie GFI MailArchiver und GFI FaxMaker Ihnen dabei helfen, Privatsphäre und Datenschutz leichter wahren zu können.

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