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  • Search term monitoring, a new arrow for your security bow!

    The IT world has evolved. Some businesses believe that if they have anti-malware, antivirus and some firewalls, then they are safe and secure, but this is no longer the case. These precautions are no longer enough.

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  • Web reputation

    Increase your online protection. Web reputation can boost web protection. It works by analyzing websites for immediate risks, potential threats and malicious content, and gives a score between 0 and 100.

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  • To block or not to block

    Why web filtering is no longer taboo. Web filtering enables organizations to prevent idle or unauthorized web browsing at work, and protects users' computers from exposure to security threats such as malware and scam websites.

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  • Social networking and
    security risks

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites pose risks too. The popularity and usefulness of social and professional networking sites are well-documented. However, these well-intentioned tools present security issues targeting IT systems and personal data.

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  • Web monitoring

    Why businesses need web monitoring. Most organizations use the Internet for business, giving employees access to this essential communications tool. However, personal Internet use by employees is a growing concern for IT administrators.

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  • Web-based security threats

    How attacks have shifted and what to do about it. Web-based threats are growing increasingly complex. In addition to technological solutions, an approach that includes strict and enforceable policies, and a proper awareness program, is needed.

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