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Kerio Control Kerio VPN Client
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Kerio Control Datasheet
Discover how Kerio Control can help you provide better security
Kerio Control NG Series Hardware Appliance datasheet
Learn more about this hardware appliance.
Kerio Control help
Find out how to configure Kerio Control in different environments and how to set up advanced features.
System requirements
Check out the system requirements, specifications and other important details about Kerio Connect
Product releases
Check out the latest product development, including product launches, releases, and upgrades for Kerio Connect
Admin tools
Check out the various support tools available for administrators for Kerio Control
General Videos
Key features overview
Take a look at the Kerio Control interface.
High availability
Discover how a second Kerio Control machine jumps into action if a failure occurs.
Essential security for SMBs
Learn about the security features Kerio Control provides for SMBs
How-to Videos
Installation guide
Learn about the Kerio Control installation process in this tutorial.
Managing VPN users
Discover how to manage VPN users with Kerio Control.
Setting up the VPN client
Watch this brief walk-through of the VPN setup.
Setting up the VPN server
See how to configure the Kerio Control VPN server.
Case studies
Hellyar Plastics
Read how Hellyar Plastics rely on Kerio products for a secure IT infrastructure.
Chord Electronics
Read how Chord Electronics rely on Kerio products for a secure IT infrastructure.
Read how the Czech branches of this fast-food giant rely on Kerio products for a secure IT infrastructure.
Yacht Computing
Discover why Kerio Control usage and traffic statistics put it at the top of the list for this customer.
Best practices for securing your network with Kerio Control
Learn how to protect your network from ransomware, krytolockers, DoS attacks, viruses and more.
Kerio Control statistics and reporting
Learn about the Kerio Control Statistics reporting module, alerts and more.
Active hosts
Admin Dashboard
Daily traffic
Other resources
Web filter test
See what to do if a website is not categorized.
Developer zone
News for developers with downloads and documentation.
Kerio intrusion prevention test
This page will test your Intrusion Prevention System in Kerio Control.